I love London

I really like to visit London. Once in a while I take the chance to go there. Not only because two years ago I wanted to pay my tribute to the terrific Phil Collins during his last Not Dead Yet Tour concert, but also because I have so many Italian friends, now true Londoners, that I want to catch up with somehow. It’s a terrific city and a challenging one, indeed. Alway changing its skyline, wanting to reach the future ahead, finding new ways throught fashion, food, architecture, culture, arts. I love its curiosity but I can’t stand this linearity… In this way it’s disrespectful about the past. There is something truly sad about this London’s way of demolish all the older buildings in order to have so many skyscrapers instead. Some of them – I admit – are greatly beautiful and elegant, but why always choose not to refurbish? It would let the past going throught the present with all its meaning… is it not that fashinating?


Informazioni su Lyra

Always happy, jaunty, friendly, good, idealist, tenderhearted; sometimes lazy, careless, stubborn, impazient, a little goofy; most often I used to be pragmatic, sympathetic, tricky, trustful... In conclusion, messy with style ^_^ Vedi tutti gli articoli di Lyra


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